We’re making loans to the people who need them most.

In between classes.

Reports of crime and poverty in America’s inner cities miss the positive. Hardworking entrepreneurs strive to succeed. Working as part-time cooks, cleaners, handymen, jewelry makers and seamstresses, they ply their trades at so many kitchen tables throughout America. Long on talent and drive, these would-be entrepreneurs could revitalize urban economies throughout the country from the ground up. Why haven’t they? They lack the capital to expand, the skills to manage their books, and access to customers who can pay the prices they deserve.

Meanwhile, thousands of college students hunger for a substantive way to make a difference in their communities. They want to be part of something that calls not only for manual labor, but for intelligence and analytic ability as well. They want to lead a movement in which profitability and social responsibility go hand-in hand.

Microfinance is that movement, and college students are uniquely positioned to deliver it to America’s low-income entrepreneurs. Lend for America is a national platform designed for students to learn how to practice microfinance in the United States.